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Scented Gems

Customizable Gem Candle

Customizable Gem Candle

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Craft Your Personal Aromatic Gem

Did you find a color your love, but not the scent it comes with? No worries! We're able to create your own custom candle with just a few easy steps! 

Choose Your Gem-Inspired Vessel: Select from a range of vessels inspired by gemstones - be it the serene depths of aquamarine, the royal allure of citrine, or the fiery heart of garnet. Each vessel is not just a holder, but a statement piece, waiting to be filled with the coconut wax of your chosen fragrance.

Select Your Signature Scent: From the heady notes of blooming rose to the tranquil touch of fresh citrus, choose a scent that speaks to your soul. Our fragrances are derived from the purest sources, ensuring a long-lasting aromatic embrace for your senses.



3.5"W x 3.38"H

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