About Us

Hi! Welcome to Scented Gems! We're so glad you found us ✨💖 

Scented Gems was started in San Diego, California by 2 friends, Bianca and Sydney. We both share a love of all things healing crystals and self-care, so we decided to combine the two! It's been quite the journey breathing life into our little idea--and it's just the beginning! All of our products originally started out as simply "crystal-inspired" pieces, but we quickly chose to incorporate tumbled healing stones into all items so you could feel the full effects of our work. 

We firmly believe in nurturing the relationship between mind, body and soul--and that's exactly what our products offer. Whether you're looking for natural aromatherapy or relaxing bath products, we have what you seek. All of our products are made with love and intention, infused with essential/fragrance oils, and energetically charged with magical healing crystals. So, take some time for yourself and enjoy! 


Bianca & Sydney