6 Crystals To Keep At Your Desk

6 Crystals To Keep At Your Desk

With everyone working at home, it only makes sense to create your own unique space to not only help improve your work environment, but to help you keep a clear, focused mind, body and soul! Here are our top six recommended crystals to keep in your work space! 

Rose Quartz

You are reminded to practice compassion and kindness toward both yourself and others by the delicate and friendly energy of a rose quartz crystal. Rose quartz reminds you to approach all interactions from a place of love and compassion, whether you've made a mistake or discovered another reason to be unhappy or harsh on yourself or someone else.


Amethyst's purple hue connects with the Third Eye, the sixth chakra, and works on a high vibrational level. This enables us to view things objectively and prevents us from becoming overly emotionally involved. Use amethyst to start returning to a state of calm and relaxation during those inevitably stressful moments. It might help you steer clear of anxious thoughts.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline, the ideal stone for protection, can be utilized to maintain your energetic borders and keep outside energy from invading your area. Imagine it as an energetic guardian that protects you from harmful influences and energy suckers.


Citrine, the stone of achievement, supports discovering your life's mission. It specifically awakens our second chakra, the sacral chakra, which is the seat of creativity and imagination and enables you to materialize your goals. This stone aids in attracting greater happiness and success to help you identify your path and follow it successfully.

Tiger’s Eye

This stone aids in maintaining order and attention. Tiger's eye helps us make confident decisions by effectively removing the disorganized brain. In actuality, it operates from your power center, the Solar Plexus (or third chakra), which is where confidence and self-worth reside.

Green Aventurine

Given that everyone needs money to survive, this is an essential component of any business. Opening the fourth chakra, the Heart Chakra, enables us to recognize our value in attracting luck and prosperity. Additionally, green aventurine reduces work-related tension and anxiety, allowing us to maintain our composure. In order to attract the success we want, we need to be composed and upbeat. 


Now its time to get creative and enjoy adding a selection of stunning crystals to your work space so you can visually and energetically enhance and invigorate your surrounds! Have any particular favorites or questions regarding choosing the best gemstone for you? Feel free to contact us, we'd love to help!

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