5 Ways to Charge Healing Crystals

5 Ways to Charge Healing Crystals

Everything is alive; everything has energy. This applies to crystals too! Just like humans, the energy level of crystals can fluctuate. You know when you don’t eat for a while or don’t get a good night’s rest? That lethargic, groggy feeling you have throughout the day? That’s how your crystals feel when you don’t take care of them! Crystals need some tender loving care too. Lucky for you, we’re here to show you how!

How to Charge Crystals

Charging and cleansing crystals is really quite simple. There are a variety of methods to use to power your crystals with nature’s abundant energy, but it’s very important to note—not every way works for every crystal. Some crystals are sensitive to light, some can’t be submerged in water, etc. Please be sure to do thorough research on your specific crystals to ensure you don’t damage or affect them in a harmful way.

Natural Light

This is really the simplest way to charge and cleanse your crystals. Put your crystals outside and let them soak up some natural sunlight or moonlight! Those babies will LOVE it. Better yet—wait for a New Moon or a Full Moon so they can absorb all that moon magic. The phases of the moon can be used to further enhance the intention you place upon your crystals. You can place your crystals anywhere outside, although it is best to place them directly on the Earth so they can reconnect with their natural source energy.


Smudging your stones is an excellent way to charge and cleanse pretty much all of your crystals! This technique can be done with sage, palo santo, or any other sacred herb/plant you feel drawn to. The smoke from your smudging ceremony clears inharmonious vibrations and restores your crystal’s natural energy. Simply light your smudging tool of choice, hold your crystal in your dominant hand and move it through the smoke. Let the smoke envelop your crystal to allow it to work its magic.


Water is known to neutralize the negative energies stored within your crystal. Remember how we mentioned your crystal absorbs your negative energy? Water allows your crystal to release those energies and return them back to the Earth. Just like you release what no longer serves you, crystals need to do the same. Natural running water works best, but any water will do (as long as your crystal can be submerged in water!). Once your crystals are fully charged, be sure to pat them dry.


Sound healing is an ideal method for those who have a larger crystal collection, but you can use this technique for any amount of crystals. You can use singing bowls, a tuning fork, bells or even chanting. Sound healing is all about tones and vibrations. Different pitches have different effects on your stones; the point is to elevate the crystal’s energy to the same vibration as the tone. The vibration needs to fully encompass your crystals, so it’s best to perform a sound healing ceremony for a few minutes.

Sea Salt

Salt has a long history of being used to absorb unwanted energy and repel negativity. Find yourself a bowl, a plate, or any type of dish and fill it halfway with sea salt. Place your crystals on the surface of the salt or bury them beneath it. Then, let them rest in the salt for a few hours, overnight, or even for several days. After they are charged, wipe away any remaining salt residue. This also makes a super cute addition to your altar!

How often do crystals need to be charged?

You want to make sure the energy of your crystal doesn’t become stagnant. As often as you use your crystal, you should be charging them! If your crystal is sucking up any negative energies and toxins from your body, it needs a way to release them as well! If you have a huge crystal collection (guilty!), try creating a charging cycle for your crystals so you can rotate between groups. That way you’re never missing a crystal you need.

Most importantly, make it fun for you! This should be a fun, relaxing way for you to further enhance the connection you have with your crystals. Now, go off and charge those crystal babies of yours! Let us know which way is your favorite!  

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