Tiger's Eye Crystal Candle

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Our one-of-a-kind crystal candles are inspired by the protecting and grounding stone Tiger's Eye, infused with aroma of autumn leaves to help boost courage, balance toxic emotions and create a positive mental shift!

Made with only high-quality, pure ingredients, every piece is hand-crafted to perfection with its own unique design!

We recommend removing your crystal after the first burn, and please allow the candle to cool before removal!

Candle Jar Size: 10 oz. 


Tiger’s Eye Crystal Guide:

  • 9th Anniversary Gemstone
  • Chakra: Third Chakra and Solar Plexus
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Birthstone: July and August

Tiger’s Eye brings insight to difficult situations and helps focus the mind. It protects one from negative energies and helps ground and center personal energy. It dispels fear, anxiety and helps promote mental clarity and attract good luck.


Ingredients: All-natural soy wax, cotton wicks, fragrance oil, essential oil, eco-friendly glitter, natural crystals

  • phthalate free
  • vegan-friendly