Rose Quartz Crystal Box

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Our rose quartz crystal box makes the perfect for any occasion! Spoil yourself or a loved one with the universal stone of love rose quartz, infused with a floral aroma of rose and jasmine oils to promote self-love, romance, and friendship!

The rose quartz crystal box includes: 

1 - Rose Quartz Crystal Candle

1 -  Rose Quartz Crystal Embedded Soap

1 - Rose Quartz Crystal Bath Bomb

1 -  Rose Quartz Crystal Bath Salts


Rose Quartz Crystal Guide

What is Rose Quartz? 

Rose quartz is a part of the quartz family. It is also named Hyaline Quartz and is known for its pale pink shades with different opacities. 

What Are The Properties Of Rose Quartz? 

Belonging to the heart chakra and throat chakra, it can relate to all types of unconditional love whether it's with a significant loved one, friend, family member, or spouse. The universal stone of love opens the heart, promotes a feeling of inner peace and restores harmony in relationships. 

Who Should I Gift A Rose Quartz To? 

Rose Quartz is the ideal gift that you can present to someone in your family or someone you think of as your family. This crystal intertwines bonds of love energy between you and the person your gifting it to, so you can't choose a better crystal than Rose Quartz!