Crystal Candles Set of Five Bundle

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If you can't decide on one, why not try them all! Our variety of aroma-filled crystal candles are the perfect way to try out all the combinations of scents and gems at a fraction of the cost!

Keep them all to yourself or separate as gifts!

Set of five 8 oz. candles include:

1 - Amethyst - lavender and vanilla

1- Rose Quartz - rose and jasmine

1- Citrine - sparkling grapefruit and lemon

1- Turquoise Howlite - honey shea, tea tree and sandalwood

1- Black Tourmaline - vanilla, cinnamon and sandalwood

For more information on scent combos and ingredients, visit the individual listing for each candle!

We recommend removing your crystal after the first burn, and please allow the candle to cool before removing crystal!