Citrine Crystal Box

Citrine Crystal Box

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Our citrine crystal box is inspired by the admired motivational stone Citrine, infused with a citrusy aroma of lemon and sparkling grapefruit oils to invigorate your senses and get the day started!

The citrine crystal box includes:

1 - Citrine Crystal Candle

1 - Citrine Crystal Embedded Soap

1 - Citrine Crystal Bath Bomb

1 - Citrine Crystal Bath Salts


Citrine Crystal Guide: 

  • 13th Anniversary Gemstone
  • Chakra: Sacral Chakra
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Birthstone: November

Citrine energizes and recharges the mind and body. It raises self-esteem, heightens mood, attracts wealth, prosperity and success. Citrine revitalizes the mind, improves concentration and promotes motivation and creativity.

This stone is the ideal gift for a student, graduate, business owner, colleague or friend!